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Rank Department
Andrew Paesani ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Communication
Anthony Philpotts PROFESSOR Earth Sciences
Barbara Pine PROFESSOR Social Work Instruct and Rsrch
Cheryl Parks Assoc Dean & Professor Social Work Instruct and Rsrch
David Palmer ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Boucher Mgmt and Entrprnrshp
Donald Potter PROFESSOR Material Science and Engr
Daniel Patrylak PROFESSOR Music
Douglas Pease PROFESSOR Materials Science Institute
Denise Panosky ADJUNCT FACULTY Nursing Instruct and Research
Elizabeth Polifroni PROFESSOR & DIRECTOR Nursing
Elizabeth Pinner PROFESSOR Social Work
Emilio Pagoulatos PROFESSOR Agricultural and Resource Econ
Edward Pitkin PROFESSOR Mechanical Aerospace Mfg Engr
Gretel Pelto PROFESSOR Nutritional Sciences
Gary Powell ADJUNCT FACULTY Business MBA
Girish Punj PROFESSOR Marketing
Guillermo Pilar PROFESSOR Physiology and Neurobiology
Jeremy Paul PROFESSOR Law Instruction and Research
John Post PROFESSOR Pathobiology
John Phillips ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Accounting
Krishna Pattipati RESEARCH Spec PW Inst Advanced Systems Engr
Kim Phillips ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Av Pt Instruction and Research
Leanne Pundt PUB SERV Spec Department of Extension
Matthew Proser PROFESSOR English
Pertti Pelto PROFESSOR Anthropology
Rachelle Perusse ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Educational Psychology
Richard Parnas PROFESSOR Chem and Biomolecular Engr
Robert Phillips PROFESSOR Htfd Instruction and Research
Richard Peterson PROFESSOR English
Robert Pomeroy RESEARCH PROFESSOR Sea Grant College Program
Samuel Pickering PROFESSOR English
Theodore Perry PROFESSOR Lit, Cultures and Languages
Thomas Peters UCP 08-Program Director Graduate Education
Thomas G Paterson PROFESSOR History
Thomas Peters PROFESSOR Computing
Willena Price Student Services Program Manager 3 African-American Cultural Ctr