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Rank Department
Beverly Koerner PROFESSOR Nursing
Brenda Kurz Director & Assoc Professor Social Work Instruct and Rsrch
Challa Kumar PROFESSOR Chemistry
Debra Kendall DISTINGUISHED PROFESSOR Pharmaceutical Science
David Knecht PROJ/PROG SPEC Molecular and Cell Biology
David Kollas ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Plant Sci and Landscape Arch
David Kenny DISTINGUISHED PROFESSOR Psychological Sciences
David Kelly Department Head & Professor Art and Art History
David Kleinman PROFESSOR Electrical and Computer Engr
Devendra Kalonia PROFESSOR Pharmaceutical Science
Gregory Kivenzor Associate Professor in Res Marketing
Gary Kazmer ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Animal Science
Herbert Koenig PROFESSOR Mechanical Aerospace Mfg Engr
Henry Krisch PROFESSOR Political Science
Herbert Klei PROFESSOR Chem and Biomolecular Engr
Hallie Krider PROFESSOR Molecular and Cell Biology
Irving Kirsch PROFESSOR Psychological Sciences
Jeffrey Kramer Director & Assoc Prof in Res Health Systems Management
Judith Kelly PROFESSOR Molecular and Cell Biology
James Knox PROFESSOR Materials Science Institute
Jane Kerstetter PROFESSOR Allied Health Sciences
Jean Lewis Keith PROFESSOR Art and Art History
Jane Knox LECTURER Chemistry
James Kremer PROFESSOR Av Pt Instruction and Research
John Knopf Director & Assoc Professor Finance
Jerry Krasser ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Dramatic Arts
Kirvin Knox DEAN Agricultural and Resource Econ
Karen Kupperman PROFESSOR History
Lawrence Kappers PROFESSOR Physics
Leonard Katz PROFESSOR Psychological Sciences
Leonard Krimerman PROFESSOR Philosophy
Lewis Kurlantzick UConn Faculty/Staff Law Instruction and Research
Linda Klein PROFESSOR Finance
Lynn Kuo PROFESSOR Statistics
Orville Karan PROFESSOR Educational Psychology
Peter Kaminsky PROFESSOR Music
Peter Kochenburger SPECIAL PAY LECTURER Law Instruction and Research
Quentin Kessel PROFESSOR Physics
Richard Kochanek Department Head & Professor Accounting
Robert Knowles ASSISTANT PROFESSOR CLAS Regional Waterbury
Richard Kay UConn Faculty/Staff UCONN
Sung Koo PROFESSOR Nutritional Sciences
Timothy Killeen Assoc Dean & Professor Liberal Arts and Sciences
Theodoulos Kattamis ADJUNCT FACULTY Material Science and Engr
Uwe Koehn PROFESSOR Statistics
Waldo Klein PROFESSOR Social Work Instruct and Rsrch
William Kraemer UConn Faculty/Staff UCONN