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Rank Department
Andrew Haas PROFESSOR Mathematics
Andrea Hubbard ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Pharmaceutical Science
Ann Huckenbeck ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT Student Life and Enrollment
Anne Hiskes ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Philosophy
Elizabeth Hanson PROFESSOR Political Science
Charles Hagen ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Art and Art History
Cecile Hurley LECTURER Chemistry
Charles Henry UConn Faculty/Staff UCONN
Donna Hollenberg PROFESSOR English
Dennis Hill PROFESSOR Pathobiology
David Herzberger PROFESSOR Lit, Cultures and Languages
Dean Hanink PROFESSOR Geography
Dennis Heffley PROFESSOR Economics
Douglas Hamilton PROFESSOR Physics
Diane Hirsch PUB SERV Spec Department of Extension
Edward Hamblin Director & Extension Professor Economic Analysis Center
Faith Hart UConn Faculty/Staff UCONN
Howard Hayden PROFESSOR Physics
Harry Hartley UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR Educational Leadership
Ian Hart PROFESSOR Agriculture Experiment Station
James Halpert PROFESSOR Pharmaceutical Science
Janice Hayes PROFESSOR Nursing
James Hurley PROFESSOR Mathematics
James Henkel Associate Vice Provost Vice President for Research
John Herr PROFESSOR Dramatic Arts
John Harding PROFESSOR Finance
Kathryn Hegedus ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Nursing Instruct and Research
Kasumi Hirayama PROFESSOR Social Work
Kenneth Hadden ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Agricultural and Resource Econ
Lawrence Hightower PROFESSOR Molecular and Cell Biology
Lynne Healy ACADEMIC Spec Social Work
Mohamed Hussein PROFESSOR Accounting
Madelyn Huffmire ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Marketing
Michie Hesselbrock PROFESSOR & DIRECTOR Social Work Instruct and Rsrch
Margaret Higonnet UConn Faculty/Staff UCONN
Nancy Humphreys PROFESSOR Social Work
Norma Huyck PROFESSOR Allied Health Sciences
Peter Halvorson PROFESSOR Geography
Richard Hurley PROFESSOR IN RESIDENCE Accounting
Robert Hoskin ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Business
Robert Holzworth PROFESSOR CLAS Regional Campuses
Richard Hiskes PROFESSOR Political Science
Roger Hansell PROFESSOR Mathematics
Sharon Harris PROFESSOR & DIRECTOR English
Stuart Heywood PROFESSOR Molecular and Cell Biology
Shantaram Hegde PROFESSOR Finance
Thomas Hoagland ADJUNCT FACULTY Animal Science
Timothy Hunter Department Head & Professor Digital Media Center
Trevor Howes PROFESSOR Materials Science Institute
William Hines PROFESSOR Materials Science Institute
W Handwerker PROFESSOR Anthropology
Yukap Hahn PROFESSOR Physics