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LDAP (the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) allows you to search directories for address information. From a graphical user interface e-mail program such as Netscape Messenger, Outlook, Pegasus or Eudora, you can use the LDAP server ( to search the UConn directory and retrieve the addresses of people you need to send e-mail to. If you have ever used Ph or Finger, you will find that LDAP is very similar.

If you are using a GUI e-mail program, you will need to enter the LDAP server information into the software in order to use this directory service. Follow the instructions below for information on how to set up and use LDAP with these specific e-mail programs:


Campus Information (860) 486-2000

Information in this directory may not be used for mailings to students, faculty, staff, or parents of students. Any solicitation of business, contributions, information, or other responses from individuals listed in this directory, by mail, telephone, e-mail, or other means is forbidden.