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  Gampel Pavilion, Storrs Campus
  2095 Hillside Rd., Unit 1110
  Storrs, CT 06269-1110
  FAX # (860)486-1123
  Department Web Site:
Department Head~Craig Denegar6-1120
Assistant~Corinne Piorek6-1121
Physical Therapy Program Director: Jeffrey Kinsella-Shaw6-0047
Assistant: Katrease Sharavolli6-1999
Instructor: Laurie Devaney, PT
Assistant Professors: Steven Harrison, PT~Justin Laferrier, PT~Elaine Choung-Hee Lee
Lindsey Lepley~Stephanie Mazerolle~Beth Taylor
Assistant Professor in Res. Deborah Bubela, PT~Maryclaire Capetta, PT
Susan Glenney, PT~ Adam Lepley, PT~Jon Rizzo, PT
Associate Professor: Lindsay DiStefano
Professors: Lawrence Armstrong~Douglas Casa~Linda Pescatello